Greater New Hope is not a religious establishment, nor is it affiliated with any religious organizations.

Greater New Hope Charities

Mobile, Alabama HUB


Youth Services

Greater New Hope Charities Mobile, Alabama HUB purpose is to strengthen, empower, and support black youth’s cultural identities while building stronger families and stronger communities towards a brighter future.
We provide hands-on academic support and tutoring, mentorship, field trips, and summer programming while supporting youth in pursuing their dreams and aspirations as contributing members of their communities. 

Outreach and Engagement Services

We understand the challenges families and individuals confront on a daily basis. Our aim is to be present in communities with real time educational information, resources, and supportive services that improves the lives of those needing help and support.  From providing food, water, and clothing during natural disasters, to handing out food boxes, new shoes and clothes, household goods and supplies to families in need. Our goal is to provide community members with access and help to meet the growing needs of our families. 

Strengthen, Empower and Support


Good things happening in our Mobile, Alabama HUB. Take a look at our latest work.

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Adminstration assistant

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Who We Are

At Greater New Hope Charities Mobile, Alabama HUB our heart is in serving youth and their families in communities of color in diverse neighborhoods through intentional acts of love and grace. We strive to empower and enable youth to reach their full potential by providing access to supportive services and resources that promote their health and well-being while creating safe spaces, community engagement, and positive mentorship support to guide youth in developing healthy coping strategies for their future. 

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We are an Equal Opportunity Organization that does not discriminate against employees and/or community members based on race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran or protected veteran status, genetic information and other legally protected characteristics.

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