Our Mission

We collaborate with BIPOC community members through a community health lens to improve health equity and economic stability in East County.

About Us

Greater New Hope Charities (GNHC) supports BIPOC and low-income families in East Multnomah County, connecting families and individuals with resources to live healthy, stable, fulfilling lives.

For more than twenty years, our founder, Christine Sanders, has worked to ease the burdens that families face by lowering access to life-changing resources. Over the years of engaging in this work, we’ve seen that when families have access to the right support and opportunities — like education, job training, and healthcare — they thrive.

GNHC Mobile Community Health Center travels throughout neighborhoods in East Multnomah County; this mobility allows us to better bridge the gap between families and individuals and the need for culturally appropriate resources that are not easily accessible.

Our approach is relational and built on trust. Our small team, current members of the community, continues to build solid, lasting relationships while offering support, access, and information.

Through program initiatives focused on reducing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), eliminating health inequities, and providing access to higher education and employment training, we strive to empower individuals from underresourced communities to pursue opportunities that lead to better health outcomes, secure employment, and economic stability. Our efforts foster personal growth and advancement and contribute to building a more inclusive and prosperous East Multnomah County for everyone.

Our Core Values


Our focus is on under-resourced BIPOC communities. Our staff are community members with past and present lived experience.

Helping Others

We collaborate to improve lives through opportunities and education. Every step toward progress is celebrated, no matter how small.


We are authentic and transparent, offering genuine support and assistance to improve the health and well-being of individuals and families.


We are advocates for advancing anti-racism work and addressing health disparities for People of Color.


We believe in the power of education and sharing of information to foster wealth-building, resilience, and empowerment within communities.

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